Private Quechua Teacher

Quechua is widely spoken in the Andes and is the official language of the Incas.  Of the approximately 11 million people who speak the language in South America, most may be found in Perú and Bolivia where there are several dialects.

Ada giving lessons on Skype

Online Quechua Lessons are Fun and Easy

I am a native Quechua speaker from the Ayacucho/Cusco region, now living in Silicon Valley, California. I love my language and my culture, and have run a website, andes.org, devoted to this theme for almost 10 years. I’d be happy to teach this beautiful language to anyone interested in learning Quechua, whether they want to explore Andean Culture, do volunteer work in the Andes, or just have fun.

I tutor classes for beginner and intermediate students in various formats:

  • Face to face meetings
  • Lessons over the phone
  • Online classes Skype

Feel free to contact me for further information